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Church of Misery -- Brooklyn, NY -- May 25th, 2012

This is by far one heaviest Loudest Full of energy Shows Ive ever Been,(Ive seen SLEEP before and thought it could not get louder than that)...oh well

HANDS DOWN FOR THIS FUCKERS they really know how to slay a fucking packed venue!!!!

Great crowd, Excellent Venue very small and intimate ,it almost felt like they were playing in my living room !!!

First show in NY, the vibe and the mood were set for an epic night .
I called in advance to know the set times they were supposed to play at 10 I got there at 9:55!!! luckily they started until 11 which was perfect because I wanted to see the gates of Slumber and oh man those old bastards know DOOM Metal Great performance.

"CHURCH OF FUCKING MISERY!" AS THEY CALLED THEMSELVES started with EL PADRINO such great opener , you can tell they were on their game because they were hitting every single note and solo perfectly.
Sound was just Fantastic , Hideki Fukasawa was crazy on the stage its been a long time since someone steps into What a Lead singer is supposed to be on stage, and this skinny little dude knows about that (you should see it to stand in pure aw , and wonder why there arent may lead singers like him now days...
The last 2 songs were the best part, the drummer from the gates of slumber and I were head-banging like fucking crazy as Hideki Fukasawa was trowing beer at the crowd !!! just fucking AMAZING!!!

El Padrino
Blood Sucking Freaks
Taste the Pain
Born To rise Hell
Shotgun Boogie
I, Motherfucker

If you have 15 bucks and they're playing close to you ,don't even think about it!!!!
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