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Lacuna Coil -- Flint, MI -- May 22nd, 2012

Last show in the U.S (headlining show)

We drove for around 5 hours (this was my brother's idea ) I mean it was about having fun . I, personally wouldnt never done that for this band...

It was actually very entertaining their set was so much different from what I expected(since Im only familiar with 3 of their records) and prety long too, they did 5 acoustic songs in the middle of the set which was a good surprise.

We met them at the end of it , Very nice people, cool personality .
oh, and very patient with everybody( sometimes metal musicians tend to believe the "rock star" bullshit!

I dont believe in tomorrow
I wont Tell you
Kill the light
Heaven's a Lie
Give me something more

Acoustic Set
Within Me
End of time
Shallow Life


Our truth
Upside Down
Invisible light
To live is to hide
No need to explain
Trip the darkness my spirit
My spirit

Everything is in order and they played all the songs'
I have a picture of the set too ,but dont know how to post it...
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