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Originally Posted by Shades of Gray View Post
Nasum's encore was "The Idiot Parade" followed by "Den Svarta Fanan." I've never understood why they play ""Den Svarta Fanan" as often as they do for an encore; it's not one of the best from Human 2.0 and no one sings along because it's in Swedish.

I disagree with Masterguy's 6.5 rating for Macabe. I've seen Macabe three times and that was by far the best show I've seen them put on which is saying something since they're always a good show live, in my opinion. I suppose that Macabe is kind of a love it or hate it band among metal fans; I find them to be criminally underrated.

From what I remember, here's a (probably) partial/out of order Macabe set:

Dog Guts
Scrub A Dub Dub
McMassacre (James Huberty)
Serial Killer
Nero's Inferno
The Bloody Benders
The Iceman
Alber was Worse Than Any Fish in the Sea
Vampire of Dusseldorf
Countess Bathory
I can see why you would disagree, I think I was being a bit harsh. Overall though I just find the music okay, I did enjoy some of the songs a lot, but overall it was eh for me.
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