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Originally Posted by Wizard in Black 666 View Post
The show over here is only 12 bucks, and I'm pretty certain the turn out will be no different than yours, and you bet your sweet ass I will be stocking up on shirts. I usually always leave with like 3-4 shirts when I go to shows. I'm going to buy a second coming CD and hopefully Tatsu will sign it and maybe we can smoke a bowl or two outside the bar, it's happen to me before at bar shows

But it was a hip hop artist.

But I'm still looking forward to going ape shit and drooling at Tatsu Bass doodling and jam outs
I bet the entire band would man! I would have certainly offered if I was in the position to partake in the herb. I remember getting to smoke with a certain sludge band that toured with AaL last year.

Be sure to give us your review man Tuesday night!
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