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Originally Posted by hb420 View Post
I actually brought that with me from home man lol its the limited Red/Blue edition of "The Second Coming". Thanks though! great album I saw they had Vol. 1 on CD and Vinyl. But since I'm not big on it, I didn't buy it. Their merch lady told me you guys in texas and florida went ape shit on the merch. So Houses sold out. Or else I would have bought it. They had three different shirts. A logo one, The Bundy one i bought (in the picture i posted) and A Richard Ramirez one.

Yeah man that's me and them! That is exactly how the Launchad is, I got their at 7:00 and they were just chatting it up with the people that came early. Taking pictures and signing shit and whatnot. I talked to Tom for a while and he said new album spring 2013! they already have 4 songs written and hopefully they come back next summer for another US tour. Troy from Hail!Hornet said Sourvein is doing a headlining fall tour and they're coming to Albuquerque.

I also single handedly lead the encore chant that got us Shotgun Boogie. I was in the center rail for the whole show. I got video of Megalomania and Shotgun Boogie I want to eventually post.
Damn, man. That sounds so epic, how was the turn out? I'm hoping i can get a nice spot on the rail as well and go ape shit, I was hoping to be more near Tatsu Mikami, such a fucking awesome yet groovy bassist.
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