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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
Sweet vinyl pickup, dude! They actually only had Vol. 1 at CiT
I actually brought that with me from home man lol its the limited Red/Blue edition of "The Second Coming". Thanks though! great album I saw they had Vol. 1 on CD and Vinyl. But since I'm not big on it, I didn't buy it. Their merch lady told me you guys in texas and florida went ape shit on the merch. So Houses sold out. Or else I would have bought it. They had three different shirts. A logo one, The Bundy one i bought (in the picture i posted) and A Richard Ramirez one.

Originally Posted by Wizard in Black 666 View Post
FUCK YES. Dude, is that you with the band? Dude that is fucking awesome. I bet you had a great time my brother, I can tell you were really looking forward to this show and it definitely delivered. The show that I am attending is apparently 21 and over so I would assume it's at some bar, usually in my experiences at bar shows, the bands/artist always like to chill around the venue and talk with the fans. I bet Church of Misery will chill at the bar after the show is over. They seem like super laid back fellas that would wanna kick it old school with the fans and chat it up, i would assume the same will happen on tuesday since it's at a bar. I'm Super excited
Yeah man that's me and them! That is exactly how the Launchad is, I got their at 7:00 and they were just chatting it up with the people that came early. Taking pictures and signing shit and whatnot. I talked to Tom for a while and he said new album spring 2013! they already have 4 songs written and hopefully they come back next summer for another US tour. Troy from Hail!Hornet said Sourvein is doing a headlining fall tour and they're coming to Albuquerque.

I also single handedly lead the encore chant that got us Shotgun Boogie. I was in the center rail for the whole show. I got video of Megalomania and Shotgun Boogie I want to eventually post.

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