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Touche Amore -- Pomona, CA -- May 26th, 2012

New to the boards but Iíve always visited so I decided to join. Also, Iím real good buds with srm90. First time doing this so I may suck. On to the show!

The show was at The Glasshouse and when I got there I walked in and Holy Fever had just finished their set. Ghostlimb played before them. Never heard of any of these two bands so I did not mind missing them. Joyce Manor hit the stage and the crowd was really into them. Tons of moshing and jumping especially during Constant Headache and 5 Beer Plan. I watched from a distance because I didnít feel that great but I definitely want to check them out again. I got the setlist from a previous show but it seems about right.

Joyce Manor ( and me)
Violent Inside
Leather Jacket
Constant Headache
Beach Community
Comfortable Clothes
Orange Julius
Call Out (Laundry)
Five Beer Plan
Constant Nothing

Now the band I came to see Touche Amore. Ever since I found out about Touche Amore in November last year they have become one of my favorite bands so I was super pumped to see them for the first time. I missed them earlier in the year due to work. I think the setlist was almost perfect, just missing Suckerfish and Throwing Copper. The new song sounded great and something to note was that it is longer than their usual song lengths, clocked in about 4 mins. Even though I did not feel that great I still went nuts during their set and sang my ass off. Sooo much crowdsurfers and moshing it was awesome. No stage diving at The Glasshouse but overall it was a great show. Hell, Honest Sleep live is worth the price of admission, that end verse!! Hot Water Music was the headliner but I left after Touche Amore because I had a research paper to work on. Plus I am not too familiar with their music.

Touche Amore ( and me) --> whole set link, you can also find other bands sets (

Method Act
And Now It's Happening In Mine
Always Running Never Looking Back
History Reshits Itself
Art Official
The Great Repetition
New Song (
Face Ghost
Home Away From Here
I'll Get My Just Deserve
I'll Deserve Just That
Honest Sleep

Joyce Manor 8/10
Touche Amore 9/10
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