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Star & Dagger -- Los Angeles, CA -- June 2nd, 2012

I chose this over MICHAEL MONROE because even though he is probably my all time favorite performer/frontman, I hate the Whisky and there will probably never be a show - by anybody ever - as good as San Diego 2010.

this was at El Cid in Silver Lake, $8

01. In My Blood
02. Used To Me
03. End Of Days
04. Tomorrowland Blues
05. Freaktrain
06. Selling My Things
07. Sidewinding
08. Before It's A Crime
09. Out Of Focus (Blue Cheer)
10. Your Mama Was A Grifter

Von Hesseling - vocals
Donna She Wolf - guitar
Sean Yseult - bass
Dave Catching - guitar
??? - drums

opening was THE HANGMEN, first LA show following the release of East Of Western - been playing the shit out of this, and first LA show with Jimmy James back on guitar in about 9 years. 5 new songs but the set could have been the whole new album and I would have been happy.

01. Last Drive
02. I'm Your Man
03. Homesick Blues
04. Drink Smoke
05. Railroad Man
06. Downtown
07. Big Red Rooster
08. Bent
09. Coal Mine
10. Walking In The Woods
11. Blood Red
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