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Marduk -- Baltimore, MD -- June 2nd 2012

Went to see 1349 and Marduk last night at Sonar in Baltimore, MD. I was not terribly familiar with either band, but thought it would be a good show from what I heard about the shows and from youtube. I don't go to many black metal shows either, so I wanted to expand a bit :3 I believe this was the first night of the tour (at least in the continental US, I think they played Puerto Rico the night before).

Got there around 9:20 or so, got the advertized free drink ticket for corpsepaint (there were about 7 people in corpsepaint, including me). Just as we entered the room, Weapon played their last note X___X; OH WELL.

Merch: A bunch of stuff, 1349 had a bunch of CDs, $15@, 3 or 4 shirts (I got one) ($20), a beanie ($15), a DVD, LP. Marduk had a few shirts ($20), their new album, and I think an LP. Withered and Weapon had various shirts, CDs, and LPs.

Crowd: It was pretty packed, Sonar had them on some sort of side stage instead of the big warehouse stage I've seen. About 150 or so people.

Withered looked like some generic dudes, but had a good atmospheric sound going for them. I couldn't make out anything in the vocals, and their crowd communication was limited to THANK YOU BALTIMORE \m/! I don't know why the bassist was in the middle of the stage, and the 2 guitarists/vocalists were on the sides. Odd. I thought they sounded good, and they set the tone well. The pits, I thought, would only get crazier for 1349 and Marduk!

1349 came on around 11, and the crowd got a bit more lively for them :3 They had a bit of a different sound, more of a galloping or the like to them. Whatever the case, I really enjoyed them. I again could not make out any words, and couldn't remember which songs I had previewed on youtube. I assume they played "Aural Hellfire." Their stage presence was pretty strong. I liked the bassist in his sith robe, and all the corpsepaints.

Marduk came on about 12:15 and we left around 1, so there were def more songs played. The crowd got really rowdy for them, and the pits got intense- almost all the way back to the merch tables. I was nearly caught in a mosh, and later discovered that my shirt had ripped. Ripped in that there was a chunk missing of it from the back Perhaps to be converted to a back patch? At one point some chap who was an uberfan was headbanging and generally enjoying the show and trying to get us a bit more pumped. Fun times \m/ I regret not knowing a single lyric X__X; Marduk, sonically, sounded a lot clearer than the other bands on the bill. I noticed a few songs where the BASS was clearly heard. I thought that was a bit different.

Horribly incomplete setlist (please let me know if you were there and know more detail)

  • ?
  • Nowhere, No-One, Nothing
  • ?
  • The Black Tormentor of Satan
  • Serpent Ceremony
  • ?
  • Still Fucking Dead (Here's No Peace)
  • Souls for Belial
  • ? (left around this time)
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