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Originally Posted by masterguy49 View Post
Shit well I'm not doing anything so I thought I'd do a little write up for DAY 2 BITCHES. Looking back I'd probably say this was my favorite day overall, I was fully rested and had a blast the WHOLE day. So lets break this shit down!

Alright so after a good well rested night I get up and get ready to go down to the venue. I get there fairly early and meet up with Larvtard to go in. When I first get in I spend a few minutes looking through merch and everything then go to catch Castevet. I didn't know much from these guys, but they sounded good. Unfortunately they did get boring after a while. All in all though, it was a good start to the show.
Before I knew it Nashgul came on, who I was looking forward to a good deal. They sounded awesome, but the main problem was that their breakdowns got repetitive after a while. No big deal though, they still sounded awesome and I enjoyed their set a lot.
Next up was Ghoul, who I've heard great things about. Naturally I was pretty excited and when they got up on stage I was not disappointed. They sounded tight, fast, and fucking awesome. The on stage antics just added to the fun set they were already pulling it out. Definitely one of the funner bands of the weekend!
Then everyone proceeded to go out to go see Demigod, who I was looking forward too greatly. I love Slumber of Sullen Eyes so I was highly looking forward to their set. Thankfully they did not disappoint, they sounded heavy and tight as fuck, it was awesome. Even Mr. IDONTLIKEDEATHMETALANYMORE seemed to be enjoying them a lot. They were great and I'm glad I saw them.
Then I had to make a choice to see Today is the Day or Macabre, I went in to see Today is the Day and they sounded alright, outside Macabre sounded okay too, but they were more entertaining. I saw the rest of their set, it was all alright. The vocalist seemed to try to hard on the killings and stuff. It was entertaining though, so I did enjoy myself.
Artillery was next but I was starving, so I went to get food from the sandwich shop near by and chilled near the stage outside and listened to them. They sounded good and I enjoyed them. Wish I was actually there though, oh well!
Macabre: 6.5/10
I got in and Napalm Death was soon, but Negura Bungetwas still playing, so I went to check em out fast. They sounded good, but I was too excited for Napalm to care, I proceeded back outside and got close for Napalm. Soon they got on and WOW they sounded AWESOME. I was blown away, they are one of the greatest live bands ever, no doubt. One of the best bands of the weekend no doubt, I loved it from start to finish. Plus the mosh pits were some of the most intense pits I've ever been in. They killed me but it was so much fun. One of the greatest sets of my life.
Napalm Death: 9.5/10
I then got a beer and chugged it down to go see Godflesh. When they were first announced, I didn't care, but I learned to love their work by the time of the festival, so I was excited. Once they slammed into Like Rats I was in love. They sounded so heavy and awesome. It sounds ridiculous but I jumped in the pit most of their set. The music was so heavy with really pumped up beats and it was the first push pit I've seen(seriously how the fuck these people didnt get tired of circle pits, I'll never know). It was a fun time and no one was pushing out of anger or anything. People were having a good time, singing along, and head banging to the legendary Godflesh.
Unsane and Serethrial i don't remember much so I won't talk about them. After Serethrial I chugged down a jager bomb(or 2) and some jack and coke. I was pretty drunk for one of my most anticipated bands of the night, NASUM. The moment they got on stage with an awesome lengthy intro and went into Mass Hypnosis I went nuts. I was in the pit the whole time, screaming words I knew, crowd surfing during less moshy songs/parts. I was going nuts the whole time and I loved every second of it. I beat my record and crowd surfed 6 times their whole hour long set and moshed all the other minutes I wasnt crowd surfing. Its possibly the greatest set I've seen in my life and the most fun I've ever had, probably cause I was drunk, BUT WHO CARES! They were great and I was so sad at the end to know this was my last time I'd ever see them, but I'm glad I did. Nasum: 9.75/10 (Maybe too high, but its based on experience and how much fun I had)
What a fucking great day!
awesome review my persian brother.
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