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Scorpions -- Antwerp, Belgium -- June 1st, 2012

Well, I had a ticket but stayed home, as it came to my attention that they don't play much songs from the Uli-era on this tour.

Very disappointing setlist, certainly for the last show they'll ever play in this country.
  1. Sting in the tail
  2. Make it real
  3. Is there anybody there?
  4. The zoo
  5. Coast to coast
  6. Loving you sunday morning
  7. In trance
  8. The best is yet to come
  9. Send me an angel
  10. Holiday
  11. Raised on rock
  12. Tease me please me
  13. Hit between the eyes
  14. Kottack attack
  15. Blackout
  16. Six string sting
  17. Big city nights

  18. Still loving you
  19. Wind of change
  20. Rock you like a hurricane

Source: a friend who did go.
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