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I hate how the news and the fucking media was claiming that it was acid that made the guy go crazy. From personal experience I can tell you that acid does not give you violent tendencies and it certainly does not turn you into a crazy fuck like this dumb nigga here. Infact...acid turns you into the most peaceful person in the universe and it gives you a new outlook and incredibly epic perspective on life. Also, Music is so fucking incredible when you're trippin' that it almost takes you away with the wind flowing in the air as you move within the waves of the beats of the instrumentals of what ever it is that you're listening(be it classical music, hip hop, heavy metal, electronic, whatever). Anyways, I'm glad they cleared it up and put Bath Salts as the key role to all this horrific massacre. My 2 cents. oh and this story is just sick and sad as hell to read. I still couldn't believe it the first time i heard about it. It sounded like something off dawn of the dead. Especially the part where the cop tells the dude to get off the bum and all the guy does is react by Nawwing like a zombie and proceeding to tear the guys face off, he doesn't even give a shit that the cop just told him to get off, he just makes a loud "UUUUUUUUHHHM" and then goes back to tearing the guys fucking face off! That's the part that hit me hard. Anyways there's my 2 cents. Carry on folks.
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