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Originally Posted by Kapper View Post
Really? What happened? I saw them in London a few months back and they seemed totally normal...
Let me preface this by saying that I hate hardcore dancing with a passion and follow that with saying that this was the worst show I've ever been to. There was like this whole crew of like 20 hardcore kids there for MurderDeathKill and they were just flailing their stupid limbs in the pit and fucking with everyone who wasn't during every band. During, Molotov Solution this little shit tried kicking my friend who just grabbed his leg and threw him, then he came back and threw a chair at my friend (who's a pacifist or whatthefuckever) who just caught it and set it down.

But, anyway, why I hate Molotov Solution, during their set my friend and I are headbanging and shouting the lyrics to "Awakening" and after that song or the next one the vocalist stops and says that everyone in the pit are true fans and that every single person that isn't hardcore dancing in the pit isn't a real fan and was just wasting their money coming to this show and was being disrespectful to them.

Then that chair incident happened and the security guards tried to kick that guy out, but his douchebag friends grabbed him away from the security guards and wouldn't let them kick him out. Molotov was playing their last song at that point as my friend and I left the venue and vowed never to see Molotov ever again. So, yeah, anyway that show was horrible and just made me absolutely loathe them.
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