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I went and yea it was a bit of a bummer.
The crowd was pretty good.. seemed like more people than the blackest of the black fest that was held at uptown a few years ago(on Halloween no less) and way more people than last years stop at Harrahs casino..

Set list seems to be missing a few things.. The Misfits set had Halloween for sure.

The setlist time however should be adjusted. He came on around 10:30 and finished at 11:30. Everyone was expecting an encore.. even Steve Zing came out getting ready for the encore.. when he then walked back behind the stage and the house lights/house music came on. Wtf??

Everyone was really bummed. An hour?!

No cameras were enforced.. but it ended up being more distracting than the normal dbags filming entire songs on their flipphones. Security was shining lights at the photographers and laser pens as well.. nothing beats watching the show and getting hit in the face with a laser that is being pointed at a fan a few feet away.
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