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Dude, awesome. I would have loved to see that lineup back then. I used to love Molotov Solution, but after seeing them live last year I absolutely fucking hate them...bunch of fucking douchebags.

I saw Whitechapel a few months before this on Summer Slaughter, but don't really remember it because I'd never heard of them before that show. They always pull out really short headlining sets. I've seen them headline three times now and they've never pulled out a set longer than forty five minutes. I saw them at Warped Tour in 2010 and then saw them like three weeks later doing a short headlining tour and they played the same exact set. I really wish that they would pull out Somatic Defilement, Fairy Fay or Devirgination Studies sometime, but with their new album coming out, I fear that that is impossible..
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