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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
A lot of people were screaming for "Ear to Ear", which was actually written on the setlist, but unfortunately they skipped over it and played "Eternal Refuge" instead.
Aw man, I like Eternal Refuge but if that happened I'd be pissed! Ear to Ear is great. Or Festering Fiesta, like you said, but have they ever played that live? Like, post-2006?

Definitely a short set, but it sounds great. Chain Reaction probably have the coolest shows in the country; people there go crazy. It's kind of weird, realizing that it isn't 2008 anymore, and deathcore from that era is pretty much dead.

I remember liking Molotov Solution a lot back in the day, too, but I haven't listened to them in years.
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