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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
I guess i'm in the minority here because I like Reload better. Maybe because i'm old enough to remember when Load was released and having to wait 5 years to get the follow up to TBA. Needless to say waiting five years for the garbage that Load had on it was a big disappoinment. That's probably why I like Reload better, my expectations were so low for it after Load that Reload actually exceeded them.

I think the singels off Load, Until It Sleeps, King Nothing and Hero Of The Day are some of the better songs on the album. Bleeding Me is OK but highly overrated by a lot of fans and The Outlaw Torn is good even though I think the song was dragged out too much and hurt the song a bit for me. The rest of the album is just forgetable garbage.

Reload I thought was a more consistant album and all around it's a solid hard rock album from begining to end. It had way less "what the fuck?" moments than Load which made if more enjoyable for me. I like the first four songs a lot and Where The Wild Things Are, Low Man's Lyric and Fixxxer are all very good songs that don't get the love they should and they easliy beat everything on Load.
I know exactly what you're saying, man. I remember the exact day I first heard 'Until It Sleeps', my friends and I were in an uproar. "James Hetfield has turned into a fucking pussy!" Then the album just confirmed all our fears, there was nothing fast, nothing epic, can this really be the same band?

For Re-Load, the bar was set much lower. Sure, there was a part of me that wanted a thrash-gasm, but I knew I was just getting more of the same, so for a long time I liked it a hell of a lot more than that bastard of an album, Load.

These days I don't hate either album, but I don't particularly like them. I do however think that Load is slightly better than Re-Load now. It's just a stronger and more consistent album overall.
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