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Here's our review and photos:

...and here's all the other band's set lists:

Sleep setlist:
Dopesmoker (Part I)
Holy Mountain
Sonic Titan
From Beyond
Dopesmoker (Part II)

Wolves In The Throne Room setlist:
Thuja Magus Imperium
Dea Artio
I Will Lay Down My Bones Among the Rocks and Roots
Prayer of Transformation

Melvins setlist:
Hung Bunny
Roman Bird Dog
The Water Glass
Evil New War God
A History of Bad Men
Youth of America (Wipers cover)
A Growing Disgust
The War on Wisdom
The Bit

Yob setlist:
Prepare the Ground
Burning the Altar
Adrift In The Ocean

A Storm Of Light setlist:
Wretched Valley
Black Wolves
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