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Municipal Waste -- Atlanta, GA -- May 28th, 2012

So I arrived at the venue 6 hours early and waited in line with 2 other people. I raced to the front and got a spot on the rail and waited for Spewtilator... No, just kidding. I didn't.

I did suffer through 40 minutes (35 minutes too long) of some crap called Gaza, who obviously spend more time on their tattoos than their Godflesh-derived tunes.

Black Tusk were ok, but I'm surprised Relapse would sign them.

Here's the Waste set, not close to being in order. It's not like I took a pencil and note pad.

Unleash the Bastards
Sweet Attack
Toxic Revolution
Terror Shark
Thrashin' of the Christ
Mind Eraser
Headbanger Facerip
Beer Pressure
Born to Party
Sadistic Magician
Wolves of Chernobyl
Wrong Answer
You're Cut Off
Fatal Feast
Covered in Sick/The Barfer
Pregame/Art of Partying

That's just from memory. This was my 3rd time seeing Waste, and it just didn't quite compare to the Drunken Unicorn shows of 2008/2009. Perhaps there were just too many hipsters.
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