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Hi all. First post here.

Anyway, seeing as I'm going to see them in a couple months, I'd figure my dream Agalloch set would be an appropriate way to start posting here:

-The Misshapen Steed- (played over PA as they no longer have a keyboardist)

1. I Am the Wooden Doors
2. Limbs
3. The Melancholy Spirit
4. Ghost of the Midwinter Fires
5. As Embers Dress the Sky
6. Bloodbirds
7. In the Shadow of Our Pale Companion (with middle segment played true to how it's played on "The Mantle", not sped up version they played live pre-2012 or thereabouts)
8. Odal
9. Fire Above, Ice Below

-Encore Break-

1. Kneel to the Cross
2. Black Lake Nidstang


Not sure about the logistics of a set like this becoming a reality, due to length, the bands' ability to pull off a song such as "Black Lake Nidstang" without keys, or a variety of other reasons I've yet to think of, but hey, that's why it's a dream. Also, I realize I was a bit heavy on the material from "The Mantle", but seeing as that album is my favorite album by any band ever, seeing it played live from start to finish would be a 2nd/alternate dream Agalloch setlist for me.
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