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I was going to to seperate band reviews, but I'd be sitting here for days, so I'll just sum up my time in one simple post.

It was great to meet up with Garagemetal, Masterguy, Razor, and Voidflame. Wish I lived on your side of the states so we could all kick it more! Maybe next year .

Me and my crew from Seattle ended up replacing our PANTURRRUUUH-ing with "Cranking it like Soulja Boy" and yelling "YOOOOUUUUUU" after we hung out with Horna in our hotel room and offended one of their guitarists after yelling PANTURRUUUHH ("You do not disrepect Pantera.")

Night one was awesome, but it didn't give me the whole feeling of what MDF was all about. The outdoor stages were my favorite by far, the whole vibe was awesome. My only real gripe about the fest itself was the merch set up. It was such a clusterfuck and so hard to find what I actually wanted that it kind of led me away from it, but oh well.

I will admit, I hate Baltimore, every other store was closed, it was freakishly humid (Getting back into Seattle on Monday night was a godsend) and yeah, it is just not my place.

My top 10 bands of the weekend in no particular order....

Absu- Even with the sloppiness near the end it was amazing to see them again!
Napalm Death- Just... holy shit, one of the most intense live bands ever.
Morbid Angel- I was worried about how it'd turn out.... but shit... AMAZING setlist. I was stoked when the cops showed up, it's too bad they didn't bust into Radikult.
Tsjuder- That cover of "Sacrifice" stole the show, ABSU-lutely amazing.
Horna- I only caught a few songs, but it was sick as hell!
Brujeria- Their new guitarist sucks ass, but they are a band i've been dying to see!
Haemorrhage- I'd had never heard them prior to the fest, so fucking sick!
Ghoul- Surprisingly same as Haemorrhage, super fun band to see live, I am a fan!
Bethlehem- I only know of Bethlehem since my friend used to do vocals for them, but they were amazing!
Macabre- Way better sounding than when they toured here last year, fun band, and the Zodiac killer shot me \m/

There is so much more I'd like to type about all of the bands, but I would be here all day, and I am still tired as shit. Here are some random things that made the weekend kick ass.

- Hanging out with Horna
- Dancing to Soulja Boy
- Coming up with the side scroller beat em up starring Frank Mullen and his only move is his chop/wave.
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