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Showed up during Needful Things or Rorschach, went and checked out merch cause I wasn't digging.

Came back for Dying Fetus, and holy shit! I am not a fan of that kind of Death Metal, but they put on an amazing show. I think I've seen them once before here in Seattle and thought it was rad that time as well. I really cannot wait to see them again, such a sick set.

Then came time for the band I was most stoked to see, ABSU!!!! I was a bit disappoint since they sounded very exhausted halfway thru the set and Ezuzu was a bit off beat with his vocals patterns, but still sick. I was right up front until I took a fist to the nuts and had to move back during Earth Ripper .

I used Eyehategod to scope out more merch and eat, not a fan of theirs at all.

Next came the biggest surprise of the weekend for me, Agalloch. Lately I have been bored as hell with them, but their set was amazing. I loved it so much, probably one of the best bands of the weekend for sure.

After an extremely long set up time, AUTOPSY. Sadly I only caught 4 songs before leaving since I was tired as hell, but I feel I missed out an amazing set by them since It was crushing before I took off.

Night one kicked ass!
Dalla Nebbia

Funeral Age


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