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Infernal Stronghold - Showed up early to get a shit ton of merch and decided I'd check these guys out and they were great! Very fun live!

Dragged Into Sunlight - One of the most interesting yet awesome performances of the fest. I was really looking forward to seeing them live and they sure as shit did not disappoint! Also met 2 of the guys in the band, they seemed surprised that people in the U.S. liked them which was weird, but I told them that almost everyone I met at the fest was looking forward to seeing them and thanked them for coming to the U.S. and they seemed very happy about that.

Hellbastard - Never really checked these guys out before but they were great live! One of my friends even said that they were his favorite of the entire fest. They had a ton of energy up there for sure! I will be checking them out in the near future.

Black Witchery - Man these guys were so bad it was kinda good. Every song sounded the same, sound wise and lyrical wise. The highlights of their set was seeing the frontman kick the guy in the chicken suit when he was crowd surfing and the frontman telling some guy off by calling him worthless or some crap like that. Trve kvlt black metal from the grim lands of Florida! Piss off.

October 31 - Never would've guessed that the frontman of Deceased was also the frontman of a traditional heavy metal band. But anyway, they were also really good live! Gotta check these guys out too. At the end they were all holding up signs that read "SHARON OSBOURNE IS A CUNT". My friend got the CUNT sign

Morbid Saint - I was so happy when they had gotten announced for the fest. Little did I know that they would be playing one of my all time favorite thrash metal albums from front to back! When they announced that they would play all of Spectrum of Death after they opened up with Destruction System I lost it for the entire set. Fuck, I almost cried. I'll never forget that performance. Another one of my favorites of the fest, no doubt about it.

Archgoat - Kinda fun live, but got a bit monotonous after a while. But it was either continue watching Archgoat or go outside and see Anvil... In the end Archgoat, was pretty good.

Brujeria - Another very fun band. I avoided the pits like the plague because I knew some very violent shit would go down there. Turns out my friend had cuts all over him the next day from that. But aside from that, it was a fun show! I completely forget that Noothgrush was playing inside and I wanted to check them out, but only caught some of their last song afterwards. From what I heard, Noothgrush sounded fucking heavy as hell.

Morbid Angel - Took forever to get started but once they did they put on a fucking hell of a show. I knew they would be great live, and seeing those songs from Altars of Madness made me very happy. Fall from Grace was intense live as well. Unfortunately I had to leave once they started playing the new songs because I wanted to get front row inside for Winter later on in the night. But I heard the songs I wanted to hear and was completely satisfied with Morbid Angel's performance!

Tsjuder - If I were to compare these guys to another band in terms of live performance, it would be Dying Fetus. A 3 piece band that absolutely annihilates live. Definitely one of my favorites of the fest and one of the few black metal bands I've seen live that are awesome! The Bathory and Mayhem covers took me by surprise but sounded great! During the beginning of Deathcrush the guitar kept cutting out but they fixed that quickly and started the song over.

Haemorrhage - Crazy Spaniards! They were incredibly fun live and put on one of the craziest shows I've seen. Their singer was drenched in blood running around just going absolutely nuts. I guess this was a party brigade band as well but only saw a few people in costumes. larvtard I do believe I saw you crowd surfing in the banana suit!

Winter - Seeing two of my favorite albums played live in one day? Yes please! They played through all of Into Darkness and it was just as heavy and awesome as I'd imagined it to be. I was on the rail since the end of Tsjuder's set and it was totally worth the wait to be crushed by Winter. Another favorite of mine!
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