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Mini review pt 2!

Ghoul - 3rd time seeing Ghoul and as always, they're incredibly fun live. The crowd was going crazy for them! I was in my ketchup suit for the party brigade stuff (which was weak as shit this year, I may add, don't know why though) and I met up with some people I remember from last year. But yeah, excellent performance as usual from Ghoul.

Demigod - Hot damn they were awesome! Slumber of Sullen Eyes is such a killer death metal album and the songs from that album sounded so good live. Another one of my favorites of the fest.

Macabre - Only caught the first song, and it was DOG GUTS!!! I never thought they'd bust that one out again, let alone as the opener! Unfortunately I had to leave to do some stuff but I'm sure I'll see Macabre again in a matter of months, they're always playing Chicago.

Artillery - At first I thought they were gonna be mediocre and it would be worth my time to see Negura Bunget instead (who I also heard were amazing live), but GOD DAMN Artillery fucking tore it up! Wanting to see those songs from By Inheritance live was totally worth it, even if they only played 2 from that album! The Challenge was great live too, and closing with Terror Squad was a way to go out! Even the new songs sounded awesome! Another one of my favorites, I never would've expected that!

Napalm Death - I do believe that this is my personal favorite of the fest. These guys were fucking brutal, fast, and above all, LOUD. Such a crazy performance. I didn't like Utalitarian at first listen, but the songs from that album sounded so good live that I'm gonna have to give it a few more listens! And being in that pit for Suffer the Children, especially when the breakdown hit, was one of the most brutal moments of my life. I'm seriously hoping they come back to the states to tour.

Godflesh - Only caught the first few songs since my friends wanted to leave to get food, and it was either that or starve the rest of the night (didn't wanna shell out a ton of money for overpriced food at the fest). From what I heard it sounded like they were gonna play all of Streetcleaner but I guess that wasn't the case. I was really enjoying them live too! Sucks but it was a long day, what are you gonna do...

Setherial - Cool for like 15 minutes, then I got bored. Something about Swedish black metal live just doesn't work for me.

Nasum - Missed them in Chicago but it was worth the extra week to see them here! They slayed live as everyone's been telling me! A hell of a set to end the second night of the fest.
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