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Ok mini review time for each band I saw on every day!

Die Pigeon Die - These guys were funny. I showed up just to catch them because I thought they'd be interesting, and sure enough, they were. Not very good by any means but worth watching.

Dying Fetus - 5th time seeing Fetus and it never gets old. They shot a video for From Womb to Waste, hopefully I'm in it!

Absu - Crazy as always, Proscriptor is a god damn beast.

Eyehategod - One of my favorites of the fest. Such a good sound live, I'm actually listening to them now because I can't forget how awesome they were! The crowd was going absolutely nuts for them!

Agalloch - Another good performance. I thought it was cool of them to play only old songs, seeing as how The Mantle is my favorite album of theirs. The Lodge Dismantled was fantastic live.

Autopsy - I was dead tired at this point and them taking an hour to set up because of guitar difficulties wasn't helping. Their show in Chicago was so much better than the one here but they were still great as always. Sucks about them getting cut early but playing Voices with the PA off was awesome!
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