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Alright so I'm gonna expand on my review I did earlier for this. Alright so I got there damn early, when it got close to the doors opening i stood in line. I then met Blackened12 before the doors opened and we decided we wanted to be on rail for Agalloch so we went up to the rail and secured our spots. I looked around at the Merch, saw Autopsy and Agalloch had none so I didnt bother with it for the rest of the day. Anyways so I got back to the rail and we hung out until Extermination Angel came on. They we're okay, the vocalist was weird as fuck and going nuts the whole time. He did have some pretty good vocals, but in the end their music was just alright at best. It was very forgettable as a whole. The only thing I could even focus on their whole set though was the vocalist's Fanny pack. Seriously man what the fuck was up with that!? I ended up seeing him again throughout the fest and he still had his fanny pack! I don't get it. He seemed kinda douchy too. Oh well.

Next came up was Die Pigeon Die, which I was looking forward to for they would be my first grindcore band live, they were great for the most part, but the shit they did with one of the guitars(I'm not sure what to call it, since I don't play guitar, but if you were there you know what I'm talking about) was annoying as hell and really ruined some of the songs for me.

Then came Needful Things who were pretty much a bunch of Nasum fanboys. They also sounded great, the vocalist kicked ass. Though I honestly got bored at times with them. Overall they did good though.

Till then the show was calm, the show picked up here when Rorschach came on. I really liked what I had heard from them before, so I knew they were going to be good, but no way did I expect that they would be one of the best bands of the day. They destroyed, the guitarist was going crazy the whole show and thankfully he was right in front of me. It was great and all the stuff they played sounded awesome. I would love to see them in a more intimate place. One of the biggest surprises of the weekend.

While the crowd was a little crazier,Dying Fetus made them go all out. Everyone was going nuts the whole set and it was awesome. The band sounded fucking amazing too, 100x better than they did at Summer Slaughter. The set was great and the new songs sounded amazing. I'm pre-ordering their new album for sure. Also they did a performance video for one of their new songs and the camera was on me and Blackened for a good portion of the crowd shots, so there you have it, two MS members in a Dying Fetus video!

I was exhausted from Fetus so I was calm during Absu, though that didn't stop people from going crazy. Absu sounded awesome though, the best sound of the night probably. Their blackened thrash sounded great live. Though the drummers stage bantar seemed a little over the top. No problem though for they sounded awesome

Then it was Eyehategod who really surprised me as well. They we're all going crazy the whole show and were heavy as hell. The vocalist was like crazy drunk and going full retard the whole show. It was entertaining and I was never sure what to expect. They were insanely heavy too.

Agalloch was awesome, I was disappointed in the setlist for I wanted some Ashes song. Though all the songs sounded amazing, so it was great. They sounded beautiful and I would love to see them again. I talked to the lead guitarist and bassist and they were some of the coolest guys ever. Me and the bassist started talking about Cannibal Corpse and just started naming a bunch of songs we love. It was awesome. Great guys, highly considering making the 4 hour drive to see them in Tampa.

Finally after 8 hours with standing on rail, i left it to go in the back for Autopsy. Unfortunately, they took forever to get ready due to sound problems. They came on around 1 and I was dying of exhaustion. I decided to leave around 1:30 after hearing my favorites and being tired as hell. They were heavy and the vocals were amazing. Plus I was in the pit for Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay and In the Grip of winter, which were the highlights of my night! I was upset I missed a good deal of their set, but i heard my favorite songs, so I was more than happy.
Can't rate this for the fact I left early
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