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Powerslave -- Allentown, PA -- May 26th, 2012

Basically, me and four good friends put together an Iron Maiden tribute just to do a one-off gig before our drummer moved to Texas. It was originally planned as just to do a 45-60 minute set, but it eventually grew into us doing our own, headlining show. I personally put in a lot of work learning a lot of Adrian Smith's solos pretty damn accurately, and we had a ridiculously fun time.

Intro: Churchill's Speech
01 Aces High
02 2 Minutes to Midnight
03 Wrathchild
04 Revelations
05 The Trooper
06 22 Acacia Avenue
07 Losfer Words
08 Rime of the Ancient Mariner
09 Total Eclipse
10 Powerslave
11 The Evil That Men Do
12 Fear of the Dark
13 Iron Maiden
Encore 1:
14 Different World
15 Run to the Hills
16 Hallowed Be Thy Name
Encore 2:
17 Wasted Years
18 Flight of Icarus
19 Running Free

Basically, the songs were largely selected based on what we all individually knew. Since it wasn't a band, no one went too far to learn shitloads of material - if I had made the set myself there's a couple things I would have done differently, but all in all I thought it worked really well and the crowd seemed to love it. Also, we blew the power TWICE during the show, once in the beginning of Total Eclipse, and again in the middle of Iron Maiden. Pretty insane considering they've had national acts play the venue.
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