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Nickelback -- Milwaukee, WI -- May 25th, 2012

Yes, I'm sure I'll get the obnoxious "they're not metal" comments with this review, but that won't phase me

My Darkest Days (5:58-6:21)-
Sick And Twisted Affair
Move You Body
Causal Sex
Porn Star Dancing

To open up the show, the singer did a parody of the Dire Straits song Money For Nothing singing the words "I want my Milwaukee" a number of times, before they launched into the title track off their new album Sick And Twisted Affair. Also, the singer sang a bit of the Bush song Greedy Fly before their third song Casual Sex. Before their last song Porn Star Dancing, the singer told the audience to stick both their middle fingers up and shout "Hey!" every time he sang the title in the song. One last note, the band were throwing out their very own merchandised condoms during the show.

Seether (6:34-7:19)-
Fine Again
Country Song
Rise Above This
Fake It

Besides Nickelback, Seether was the other main reason I decided to go to this show and they ended up being my favorite band of the night. Not much interaction with the crowd, but the music stood for itself. On the two LCD screens in the venue, Seether had very dark images playing that were made to look like they came out of a chewed up VHS tape. The song Broken was cut short, without the solo and the last repeat of the chorus. After the last song Remedy, Shaun (the singer) knocked his mic stand over with his guitar and threw his guitar across the stage. Pure rebellion!

Bush (7:43-8:30)-
All My Life
The Sound Of Winter
Everything Zen
The Heart Of The Matter
Come Together (Beatles cover)

Gavin Rossdale interacted with the crowd a lot and even walked into the crowd during their cover of The Beatles Come Together. While the band was jamming out the middle of their song Everything Zen, Gavin sang part of The Eagles Hotel California. Only disappointments were that they didn't play Swallowed or The Chemicals Between Us. As a matter of fact, they didn't play anything off of Razorblade Suitcase, The Science Of Things, or Golden State.

Nickelback (9:07-10:36)-
This Means War
Something In Your Mouth
Never Again
Far Away
Bottoms Up
When We Stand Together
Drum Solo
How You Remind Me
Burn It To The Ground

Gotta Be Somebody
Figured You Out

The whole stage was reconstructed before they went on. Not a big fan of AC/DC, Van Halen, and Def Leppard so having to hear Back In Black, Hot For Teacher, and Pour Some Sugar On Me back to back over the PA system was painstaking. But it was worth the wait. Nickelback knows how to put on a great rock show with theatrics. A lot of pyro flames with explosions throughout the show. After their song Far Away, the band left the stage as the venue darkened and a whole bunch of clock sounds reminiscent of the Pink Floyd song Time blared over the PA. Then, they appeared on a circle stage that floated them to the center of the Bradley Center. They played Bottom's Up, Animals, Rockstar, and Someday in the center of the venue on this floating stage. After Someday, they returned to the main stage and jammed on two riffs while they had a woman and some crew(?) throw out beers into the crowd and shirts via a canon. The drummer did a great solo following When We Stand Together while Chad Kroeger's words "just like a heartbeat, the drumbeat carries on" repeated over the P.A. All in all a great show, by a phenomenal lineup!

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