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Game of Thrones

Not sure if there are any fans on this site but here's a thread anyway.

I watched the first seven episodes of season 2 today. It doesn't have quite the 'wow' factoir that the first season had but it's really like any other HBO series; awesome first few minutes, plods along for forty five minutes and then gets really hot for the last five minutes. There's been a few storylines I've been interested in (Arya's story, anything with the Wall, and Peter Dinklidge in general) but really I'm to the point in the show where I'm just watching to see a few characters I hate die, even though I know that won't happen until at least season 3.

So far the best part of the series is the first fifteen minutes of the first episode. The White Walkers shit is cool yo, too bad I have to wait probably at least five years before anything really happens with them.

No, I've never read the books.
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