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Rhapsody -- Baltimore, MD -- May 26th 2012

Opening support from A Sound Of Thunder and Voyager

A Sound Of Thunder:

1. Exorcist Intro
2. Queen of Hell
3. Night Witch
4. Calate Alhambra
5. Out of the Darkness
6. A Sound Of Thunder


Didn't get their set but they did some sort of medley of popular theme songs at one point (Ghostbusters, Law and Order, Jump by Van Halen, Breathe by The Prodigy etc)


1. From Chaos to Eternity
2. Triumph or Agony
3. Village of Dwarves
4. Unholy Warcry
5. Lamento Eroico
6. Land of Immortals
7. Drum and Bass Solos
8. The March of the Swordmaster*
9. Dawn of Victory
10. Magic of the Wizards Dream
11: Holy Thunderforce
12. Reign of Terror
13. Nightrider of Doom*
Encore 2
14. Emerald Sword
15. ?? (Pretty sure it was off of Rain of a Thousand Flames)

If you like power metal, attend this seminal gig. Rhapsody didn't have any merch but Voyager had shirts and 2 CDs.
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