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Bloody Phoenix

Marching Into a Bottomless Well
Children of Doom
Enemy of the People
Pyramid of Manipulation
We Have
Why I Hate
Dead to the World
Environmental Treason
Blue Gold
Concrete Grave
What is it Worm
Burning Tree
No Conscience
A Brothers Betrayal
System Corrupts

Looking For An Answer

Naver, consumir, morir
Campo de exterminio
Guerra total
No dioses, no posers
La matanza
Vuestro respeto nuestro desprecio
Cada nacimiento Es una tragedia
Tapias de cementerio
Cheerleaders para el armagedon
Terror carnivoro
Estandarte de huesos
Supremacia etica
Marcha hacia la extinction
11/27 Blind Guardian
11/28 Mayhem/Watain
12/8 All That Remains
12/11 Goatwhore
01/05 Venom Inc
01/10 Nile
01/19 Lamb of God
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