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Originally Posted by GarageMetal468 View Post
Being in the pit when Napalm Death played the breakdown to Suffer the Children was the most brutal moment of my life. My new favorite band of the fest so far.
Glad you enjoyed Napalm. They truly are a sight to behold on stage. Barney is one of the best front mans that I have ever witnessed, AND ALSO ONE OF THE NICEST PEOPLE I HAVE EVER MET still to this day. After a show that i saw them play in 2009, Barney got off stage and chatted for awhile with me and a couple of other fans that stuck around after the show was over. Barney also gave me an un opened cold frosty water bottle which I had yelled at him to give me while he was still on stage before coming down to hang out with us for a bit. He also signed my water bottle, and my friends parking ticket, and then went out side to sign some stuff from this fan in a wheel chair. Good stuff. I hope I get to see napalm death again some day. If you thought they were brutal, then you MUST see them play much smaller more intimate clubs and venues where the capacity is much smaller and more claustiphorbic because that shit is FUCKING BRUTAL, my friend. Trust me.

Glad everyone is having a blast. Awesome sets all around by all the bands. KEEP EM COMING.
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