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Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
Die By The Sword! Decent setlist, not altogether great, but good. Hopefully the setlist at Graspop is better, they have an hour and fifteen minutes so hopefully we get some variety. War Ensemble is not a song to end with if you ask me, its an opener. Raining Blood should always end their shows.

I think they do Reign In Blood so much because:

a) The press REALLY push that album as being on par with a metal revolution, specially in the UK, Metal Hammer just do not shut up about it.

b) It's only half an hour, so it can be played in it's entirety, and almost an entire other setlist can still be played as well. That said, because it's an album, they can use the 'playing an album in full' excuse to only play an hour, hour fifteen, which is more or less what they did here.
They have played DBTS at almost every show since it was released.
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