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Cool setlist, I aint complaining. I would be satisfied if they played a setlist like this over here, more preferably lame-hem fest since they are only going to get like an hour to an hour and ten minutes.

Also, all this hell awaits talk gets me thinking if they would pull it out for next year. Since this lame-hem fest is probably the only tour slayer will hop on for north america I would assume that they will FINALLY after almost seven years FINALLY go on their own Headlining tour/show next year and snag them a couple of good bands as openers.

I wasn't old enough to attend the epic Unholy Alliance tours since i was still a young teenie bopper in high school and wasn't much of an avid concert goer. Hopefully slayer will grow some balls and finally just go on their own goddamn tour. They haven't played here by them selves in my neck of the woods since 2006. 2007 was with mansion, 2008 they didn't play in north america, 2009 was with mansion again, 2010 was the seasons tour with megadeth which was no more than an hour and ten minute set plus it was another CO-headlining tour which in my opening still doesn't justify it as HEADLINING set(plus they were rotating headlining slots on the canada dates), 2011 they played like a 50 minute set at big four, and this year they are playing at lame hem fest. I think its about time they go on their own headlining shindig and a playing hell awaits for its anniversary at next years Unholy alliance(IF THEY EVEN MAKE ONE NEXT YEAR, WHICH THEY SHOULD)would be dandy like fine candy.

my 2 cents

oh yeah, cool set again. Die by the sword, reign in its entirety, and closing with WAR ENSEMBLE is cool beans.
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