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Sabaton -- Mexico City, Mexico -- May 25th, 2012

First ever visit of the band in Mexico, they were really awesome:

The Final Countdown (Taped Intro)

The March To War
1. Ghost Division
2. Uprising
3. 40:1
4. Cliffs of Gallipoli
5. Midway
6. The Art Of War ("Mexico you know the Art of Scream, now we are going to teach you The Art Of War"
7. Into the Fire
8. Carolus Rex
9. Swedish Pagans
10. Attero Dominatus
11. The Price of a Mile
12. Coat of Arms
13. Primo Victoria
14. Panzer Battallion
15. Metal Crüe - yes the entire song, not the medley
Dead Soldier´s Waltz

They really did not expect the response they got from the mexican audience, they repeated that several times, when we started to scream "Mexico, Mexico" they did a rythm with the drums and guitar, was great. As per the set list, we got one more song than the US leg: Midway....yes!!!!

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