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Alright everybody, I thought I'd update this one since this one is actually about my radio show.

W3rd radio is basically dead in the water, which is why you haven't heard any updates about my show in almost a few months. But since that time I've been working with my connections and Starting in June my show will be nationally syndicated. Not on every FM Rock station but so far, I have 5 stations that have agreed to start airing my show, which is good considering I only started those connections last week. Once or if it catches on it will be getting more syndicated across the country. Some stations asked to see if the show catches on before hiring on my show, which makes sense.

Bascailly it will be the same show as on W3rd Radio except it will be a 2 hour show and more focused on metal, with the occasion rock song. No songs I have to play, just what I want to, and special requests. I will be adding more segments and inviting some friends of mine to do special segments down the road.

My contests on Facebook will still be the same, every 50 likes of my DJ page starts a new contest to pick a night's worth of songs.

Once I get official word on every station that will be airing the show, and at what times, I will post links until then. Until then here's a commercial for one of the stations, KJAG, based out of Kansas:

That Drummer Guy Presents:

*Bonus points if you can guess the band int he background*
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