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Rammstein -- San Antonio, TX -- May 24th, 2012

Sometime in December, I had bought a ticket for an upcoming performance from Rammstein - if I recall correctly, their first in the state of Texas in 10/11 years. For the months following, I would stare at that ticket every freaking day and talk to myself about how this was actually happening - to paraphrase Henry Rollins, I was "making sure the ink wouldn't fall off".

Hey, this was my "gateway band" that got me into metal. Why wouldn't I geek out?

Anyway, I had arranged to meet up with a friend of mine (who missed out on some previous events with me - Mastopeth and Eyehategod most notably) since we hadn't met up for a while and I wanted to catch up. One thing lead to another, and she wound up with an extra ticket for the event with two and a half hours to kill before the doors opened. Nothing really notable happened, except for shooting the shit with some guys we met in line and chatting a bit with another friend who was attending her first concert.

When the doors opened, we went inside and headed for the merch booth, where after fighting off the mob to get to the front, I wound up with a "We're All Living in Amerika" shirt and a "Made in Germany" tour shirt and she got a shirt with the band's logo on it on a fire background. I'd post the information as I usually do, but since tonight is the last night, I don't see much point. Just know the least expensive thing is a $15 scarf.

We wandered around for a little bit, chatted with some people around the place, and found something to eat. Nothing really notable until Joe Letz opened up, and we went off to our respective places (her to the nosebleeds, and myself to the floor).

Joe played several electronic remixes of Rammstein songs off a laptop on the corner of the stage with several images projected on screen, mirrored and distorted - something that reminded me of the time I saw Skinny Puppy in 2009. Since the projector was so close to the ground, several people started waving their hands and flipping off the projector to make their hands appear onscreen (yours truly gave the screen a double-moutza). Joe threw out several glowsticks during the night, and the floor erupted in dancing and weed smoke.

...Really, not too much else to report. Thanks to YouTube, I have the exact names of the remixes Joe played:

Joe Letz DJ set:

Ich Tu Der Weh (Smallboy Remix) mixed with Ich Tu Der Weh (Fukkk off Remix)
Amerika (Electro Ghetto Remix)
Mein Teil (The Return to New York Buffet Remix)
Pussy (Scooter Remix)
Feuer Frei (Remix 130)
Du Hast (Pull Out Kings Remix)
Engel (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)

Unlike my other gig reports, this one is partially written in "real time" - that is, I took a few mental notes about the songs. It's gonna read differently, I'll say that now.

With literally zero wait, Rammstein came out through the side of the arena through a roped off area that myself and several fans were next to - hell, I was so close to them, I could literally smell the instant coffee crap they smear on themselves before the show. The band went across a walkway that descended from the ceiling from a small stage - if I recall correctly, Ollie came out holding a burning torch, Richard with the Texas flag, and Paul with a Rammstein flag.

When they reached the main stage, Ollie lit two pots on either side of the stage, and the band launched into Sonne. During the chorus, large columns of flame erupted from the floor and hit the lighting rig - which I later saw glowing bright red in some spots from the heat.

...Have you ever gotten close to an oven when you've opened it and you felt the heat from the inside make your face lose feeling for a second? Yeah. That's what it felt like three rows into the audience. I could only imagine how hot it was onstage.

The band went into "Wollt Ihr..." next, and a small pit broke out that didn't go away until Haifisch, I think. I don't remember too much, aside from the stage exploding when the shotgun click (or whatever it was) happens in the song. Till's arms shoot sparks, I think. Oh, and at least two people kept high-fiving me and shouting the lyrics to every song through the night as we all raped our vocal chords.

During Keine Lust, large columns of smoke shot out of the lighting rigs and floor, Sehnsucht had green fire and sparks synched with Christoph's drumming, and Asche zu Asche had the burning microphone stands with an extended outro.

The band got a bit quiet as the lights went out. It wasn't too long until the familiar sirens from Feuer Frei rang through the arena. Hoooly shit. The pit went wild as the band played and the fire from their masks went right over the crowd, warming up the arena a bit.

The stage darkened a bit and a creepy keyboard intro to Mutter appeared, giving me a bit of the Type O Negative vibe as the stage lit up green. A chandelier of sparks fell from the ceiling, which Till stood under.

After this was the classic Mein Teil. Flake was roasted as usual, but this time, Till got a huge flamethrower and literally engulfed the pot. Each time this happened, a firework would explode under the pot. Flake leapt out with red fireworks on his back and got chased by several falling fireworks.

Not much happened during "Links", aside from a huge explosion at the start. Man, the audience still went crazy. Me and another guy synchronized high-fives while chanting the chorus.

Du Riechst So Gut had the famous fire crossbow and flaming guitars during the "solo". When Richard and Paul were soloing with their backs against each other, some random girl called out "Oh my God, they're doing the Avenged Sevenfold thing!"

...No, really.

Du Hast was hailed immediately with screams and cries through the arena, the fan's voices rivaling the band at times. When the choruses started, fire went off from the floor and lighting, and before the last chorus, something exploded.

During Haifisch, Flake went over the audience in a fiberglass boat for a while, which sailed over my part of the crowd. I won't ever forget that. I fucking touched the boat.

I left around this time to go to the small stage and managed to get a rail spot to see Richard playing the keyboard intro to Buck Dich. The band arrived on their hands and knees being whipped by Christoph in his outfit from the Mein Teil video. The band got their shit up and launched into the next three songs.

With almost no fanfare, the band went into Buck Dich with Till leading Flake around on the leash. I had hoped that they would play the uncensored version (with the "Tilldo") of this live, but they wound up using a mask that "projectile vomits" over the audience. Till even made a "finger down throat" motion as he washed the blood off his face (I don't recall when, but he pounded his microphone into his face). Flake broke a fluorescent light tube over Till's back.

During Mann Gegen Mann, I asked Richard for a guitar pick (getting his attention, pointing to him, and making a strumming motion while pointing to myself). He shrugged and half-heartedly threw it to where I could get it. Three other people reached for it, but I leaped forward and grabbed it, sending someone to the ground in the meantime (accidentally, but still). No one was even touching that pick other than me.

The band went through Ohne Dich with nothing really notable occurring, save the small stage rising on a hydraulic lift. After this, the band thanked the audience and went back through the walkway. Around this time

Around this time, I went up to get some water and missed the first two verses of Mein Herz Brennt. Eh, I heard it anyway. After this, I made it back to the floor for Amerika and wound up with a metric fuckton of confetti in my cup (seriously, I left with it nearly full!).

Ich Will passed by with little to no fanfare (you could tell who spoke German by the number of people who raised their hands when Till asked for that auf Deutsch).

Engel...fuck. Till had these wings with fireworks in the feathers and flames on the tips. These shot fire outward; during the quieter moments, one could hear the "whoosh" of the gases burning.

Bonus note: I am ashamed to say that I was the only one who knew "Gott weiß ich will kein Engel sein" during the chorus in my area.

The band closed off with the magical, whimsical "Pussy". The band played it normally until the beginning of the chorus, when Till came out with a cock-colored cannon that spewed soap bubbles into the crowd. Man, that shit made anyone fortunate enough to be under it look like Frosty the fucking Snowman. I scraped some together in my arms and went up to meet my friend. By the time I got up there though, several fans (and a fucking cop) had scraped off a good chunk of my foam, so I wound up with just a bit at the end. Naturally, I hugged her to share the love - pun intended.

After this, we basically got the hell out of there and went on driving back to drop her off and get back home. Hell, right now, I'm sitting here with confetti and Richard's pick in my wallet smiling at the memories. Fuck, I can't wait until they come back...


Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen
Keine Lust
Asche zu Asche
Feuer Frei!
Mein Teil
Du Riechst So Gut
Links 2-3-4
Du Hast

Buck Dich
Mann Gegen Mann
Ohne Dich

Mein Herz Brennt
Ich Will
1/19, 1/21 - Brujeria
2/10 - Mayhem
3/15 - Goatwhore
5/19 - The Damned

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