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Originally Posted by Wizard in Black 666 View Post
I wouldn't hold your breath on it. Almost every album that I post I usually end up getting 2 to 3 posts from someone bitching about how the thread is disappointing, or how this album shouldn't be there and that one should be at number one instead of this one being at this number and ect, ect. But the next 19 albums are all amazing, no matter what you think. Will eventually get into that...

I'm more excited about posting my number one, which i will eventually. It is IN MY OPINOIN....The greatest hip hop record ever released, period. I was fortunate enough to meet one of the members from this group that was on this album(at a small bar in 2009, it was at a KRS-one show, but he showed up out of no where and did a song or two, and then went off stage and hanged out at the bar, which is when i proceeded to go up to him, and i also bought him a drink) and it was an honor for me to sprout like a little girl all around him and tell him how much this album means so much to me and how he, his group and the album is amongst the greatest hip hop record of all time, and one of the best albums period, of any fucking genre. It is the greatest hip hop/rap cd ever created and it shits on pretty much anything that is coming out now, came out back then, the last gen, new gen and so on, and took the level of heightened beats and elevated lyrics to all whole other dementia. This hip hop album is better than anything that is posted on here. But that says a lot cause these records are all epic cd's. My number one will also probably be the longest entry out of all the albums being posted, I will also name that member and the group once i get to my number one, and i can't wait to tell that story in full detail about how I met him at the bar, which leads to another story with that exact same artist(From this group that happens to be on my number one with their release of the greatest hip hop album ever made). But anyways don't wanna spoil much. Sorry i haven't updated this thread. The combination of too much heavy metal music, shit load of work and almost no free time, and the fact that i'm kinda taking a vacation off of hip hop is keeping me from finishing it. But i will try and bang out all the cds before summer ends. No doubt about that.

I'll post number 19,18,17 and try to get down to 15 by the end of this week, hell i could do 19 now but i'm pretty tired from work, and pretty at the moment, so some nice R AND R relaxation is to be done right now, good sir.

I think I may have seen a youtube clip of the story you tell in question. Was use a lesser name...the Abbott?
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