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19. Tricks of The Shade

Group: The Goats
Members: Oatie Kato, Madd, and Sway AKA swayzack.
Producer: Oatie
Recorded: 1992
Released: 1992
Album title: Tricks of the Shade

"Columbus destroyed more Indians than Hitler killed Jews, but on his birthday we get sales on shoes" - Swayzack of the Goats, on the song TRICKS OF THE SHADE

"The goats were an alternative hip-hop quartet from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania U.S. Their members include rapper Oatie Kato (frontman) Madd ("MA-the-double-D") and Swayzack. Most members of the group were Aboriginal Americans and their concern with Aboriginal causes reflected in their texts

goats believed that Christopher Columbus was responsible for genocide, crimes against the Aboriginal inhabitants of pre-colonial America, including the rape of innocent women by his crew's anger was expressed in their "signature song Tricks of the Shade" with text "Columbus killed more Indians than Hitler killed Jews, but on his birthday you get sales of shoes "

They developed a cult following since the release of two renowned albums tricks Shade (1992) (produced by producenten Joe "The Butcher" Nicolo) and No Goats No Glory (1994) on Ruff House Records and Columbia Records, respectively, both are currently out of print

goats' political awareness found them compared to Public Enemy, although they were more playful (include a number of songs to sing praises marijuana à la Cypress Hill) and certainly less militant (although they expressed the nominal support of Louis Farrakhan) But where Public Enemy was exclusionary in its Afrocentric viewpoint goats were not anti-white, in itself, and instead advocated the responsibility of all non-white people to stand up for self-determination (including African Americans and the Aborigines that they themselves, as well as Latinos and especially Asian-Americans as they are portrayed as brothers-in-arms in their struggle as opposed to the werulenta against Asian racism of his contemporaries, Ice Cube)

They used skits on their first album to criticize U.S. President George HW Bush and as he backed up with the bourgeoisie and the proponents of the redneck mentality They were very vocal in his support for them who they believed had been the victim of racist status quo, including Nelson Mandela, Willie Horton murdered young Yusef Hawkins and particularly the imprisoned Aboriginal American activist Leonard Peltier

political affiliation was decidedly more liberal than what was fashionable at that time in hip-hop culture Oatie described himself as an opponent of homophobia in the song "TV Cops" (a position Palya publicly taken at the Ice-T if they were posted by Common in 2002 och Kanye West 2005) further their skit "Rovies Wade the SWORD SWALLOWER" and the following song "Aaah D Yaaa" was pro-choice songs concern the possible adverse consequences of a reversal of Roe v. Wade"

A very hard driven public enemy style hip hop record with a strong political "MMPPHFF" that is felt through out the entire album, including the weird and somewhat funny skits. All 3 members bring out a weird yet very unique tone in their voices, and shit that they spit. The goats were not only a very overtly polical hip hop trio, but they were also consider one of the first hip hop groups to have a backing live band. Not only did they have a backing live band, but they would tour all around with world with over 13-14 members, most of them being bassists, two drummers, guitarists ect. But that was more shown on their 2nd release NO GOATS NO GLORY which was released in 1994.

On this release, TRICKS OF THE SHADE, we see them go all out old school style, with Oatie Kato creating all the beats, samples and drum loops in such a rich crafty way. I personally like this a lot more than when they decided to get a live backing band for their 2nd album, speaking of which…. After the release of their debut The goats would soon become a hip hop duo as the founding member Oatie Kato had left the group due to the frustration on the group losing its political edge and going toward marijuana, weed driven stoner tunes, not only that, but Swayzack and Madd would spend hours upon hours smoking heavy amounts of marijuana which would cause the members to be far too high to go on stage and perform, except for Oatie who would always be ready 100% . Oatie was the only one who was still taking the group serious and was more politically driven than the other two members, while the other two members would spend too much time getting high and writing songs about getting baked or roasted. I remember reading a story about how swayzack and Madd were so stoned that they ended up falling a sleep on stage while performing a show, all this shenanigans and bullshit caused much frustration on Oatie, and the fact that the group were pretty much losing their political edge and becoming nothing more than a stoner band eventually made Oatie make the decision to leave the Goats while Madd and Swayzack still remained intact with the group.. After the release of their debut album the goats became a two man group with a backing live band. Swaysack and Madd were the only remaining members left with the rest of the members being random bassets, drummers, guitarist, keyboardist, ect.

In 1994 Madd and Swayzack released No Goats No Gloary. It still had the strong Politcal view points and songs that the goats were known for crafting, but sadly the album was also filled with way too many weed songs, making the album too cliche and giving it a lot of bad reviews and disappointing lots fans and critics, myself included. No Goats No Glory is not really worth checking out, especially when you hear their amazing debut album.

Everyone who is trying to get into alternative music outside of Heavy metal, death metal, Thrash metal, doom metal, drone metal, fag metal, core metal, BLACKEND DEATH THRASH GORE STONER DOOM DRONE TECHNICAL THRASHENDED BLACK NORWEGIAN Funeral metal, all that shit, well then look no farther because this is one of the greatest alternative hip hop albums ever made, very original, with a strong political edge poured from top to bottom on this epic release. ALL SONGS MUST BE PLAYED A MAXIMUM VOLUME. Don't bother listening to it if you can't blast this shit. The way its meant to be played!!

I think every single person that is checking this thread out should seriously check this album out, and more importantly I think everyone should click on the song "Tricks of the Shade", the beats, and the lyrics are so fucking hard, HARDER THAN the strongest aphrodisiac that you can think of, ahahahah. That opening bass line for Typical american should grab you by the nuts at hard that beat goes, with all the political rhymes that you can ask for. And the nice sexy lady voice being sampled through out the loop of "Watcha want iz what you get" is just a straight head nodder. This album is just fucking amazing top to finish.



Tricks of The Shade

TV Cops

Typical American

Whatcha got iz whatcha get

Ahh D Yaa

Hip Hopolla

Wrong Pot 2 Piss in
8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer
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