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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
I wasn't going to chime in, because it seemed as if the wound had started to crust over, but then you made two mistakes - the first being the obvious ripping off of the scab by the passive aggressive comment about "more whoring", and the second by posting a second link to a printed version of the audio file you had already posted and linked to, thereby cementing the fact that you're promoting yourself and not the band, and thus basically proving raven's point.

It's a subtle thing, but I agree with his suggestion that you make one thread and just provide updates with links to new stuff. That's the way other folks have done it around here, such as Andrew Metalhead, and he got nothing but respect for what he was doing. Arguing about it and refusing to make subtle changes to the way you do things just makes you look like a stubborn kid, which isn't what you want if you want to be taken seriously.

That's my , take it or leave it.
Got it, stop promoting myself. Thanks.

I got on Blabbermouth. I'm happy about it, and I didn't post it on there. It's fine whatever I guess.
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