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Rock Werchter 04 -- Werchter, Belgium -- July 1st - July 4th, 2004

Many different bands (ranging from Moloko to Black Eyed Peas to Metallica) so I'll only post the "hard" and interesting alternative acts. This was my first and only big festival that I went to all days.


  1. Blackened
  2. Fuel
  3. The Four Horsemen
  4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
  5. Frantic
  6. The Memory Remains
  7. No Leaf Clover
  8. St. Anger
  9. Sad But True
  10. Creeping Death
  11. Battery
  12. Wherever I May Roam
  13. Nothing Else Matters
  14. Master of Puppets
  15. One
  16. Enter Sandman
  17. Jump In The Fire
  18. Seek And Destroy

  1. Right now
  2. Break some off
  3. Got the life
  4. Here to stay
  5. Falling away from me
  6. Blind
  7. Shoots & ladders/One (Metallica)
  8. Freak on a leash
  10. Dead bodies everywhere
  11. Did my time
  12. Another brick in the wall (Pink Floyd)
  13. Faget
  14. Somebody someone
  15. Y'all want a single

  1. We still kill the old way
  2. To hell we ride
  3. The fake sound of progress
  4. Make a move
  5. Last summer
  6. Sway
  7. Last train home
  8. Start something
  9. Shinobi vs dragon ninja
  10. Burn burn

Monster Magnet:
  1. The right stuff (Robert Calvert)
  2. Dopes to infinity
  3. Supercruel
  4. Powertrip
  5. Third alternative
  6. Unbroken (hotel baby)
  7. Radiation day
  8. Monolithic
  9. Space lord

Within Temptation:
  1. See who I am
  2. Orff
  3. Caged
  4. Ice queen
  5. Restless
  6. Stand my ground
  7. The promise
  8. Running up that hill (Kate Bush)
  9. Jane Doe
  10. Mother earth
  11. Deceiver of fools


- I missed Pixies, Dropkick Murphy's & Muse, which I know deeply regret
- I'm sure about the songs WT played, but not the order
- Korn did nothing for me, but they had some loyal fans moshing the whole time, including one extremely annoying older guy who looked like he was on crack.
- First time Metallica!
- Monster Magnet were very LOUD, but almost nobody cared
- Black Rebel Motorcycle club sucked, I forgot the setlist on purpose
- Lostprophets was a nice surprise
- Heideroosjes were ok, they even brought famous Belgian comedian Urbanus on stage. They got their name from him, forgot the setlist too.

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