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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
I posted the whole MN show on youtube and it immediately got blocked

It sucks, it sounds fucking awesome too.
Did you post the whole show as one big file, or did you carve it up into individual songs? If the former, I'm not surprised it got blocked. If not, I'm somewhat surprised, but not too much so if it were obvious that it was the entire show. If you carved it up, what software package did you use? I have one that I use, but I'm always looking for faster / more powerful / more user-friendly alternatives.

Also, did you post it in HD? That's another factor that could have caused it to be banned. If it's as HQ as you say, it could have been considered a non-licensed semi-professional recording (in other words, a HQ bootleg), which YouBoob would be quick to try to exonerate themselves from by banning it.

Originally Posted by Ommie View Post
Good to see you had a good time.

That guy who kept on shouting "TRACK ONE" was pretty annoying though.
I didn't hear that guy, but it sounds like he was a drunk moron, which is further evidenced by the fact that, by "TRACK ONE" I assume he was probably referring to "I Am Colossus", which is easily the weakest song in the setlist and also one of the least interesting songs on Koloss.
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