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Originally Posted by octopus View Post
anyone get a pic or at least a good look at the merch on this tour? heard there were a few shirts, hats, and a hood, but haven't seen any designs. especially interested in what the hoodie looks like. thanks
If you don't get an answer in this thread, check here in a few hours (hopefully).

EDIT: They did have a hat, but I forgot what it looked like. The hoodie was fifty bucks, and had the word MESHUGGAH across the front in gold "script-ish" block letters, the same way as it appears on the new album. There was a design at the bottom of the back that was also in gold / brown, I think, and it had a reference to the new album as well. There was a bit of design to the back, but the front was rather plain as I remember. Nothing on the sleeves if I recall correctly. Kinda expensive for a plain black hoodie that just happens to say "Meshuggah" on the front, if you ask me (and I'm a huge fan of the band).
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