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Originally Posted by JRA View Post

Helmed by guitarist Iommi, Black Sabbath persevered through a succession of lineup changes that sometimes did and sometimes didn’t include Butler and Ward. Several of Black Sabbath’s post-Osbourne albums - especially Heaven and Hell (1980), Mob Rules (1981) and Headless Cross (1989) - are highly regarded by hardcore fans. But when all was said and done, the classic lineup could not be bested.
The classic lineup made amazing albums, DUH, but not all of them are equally great.

And no matter how good the concert was, this isn't the classic reunion. BTW, if you like it or not: many albums have been released under the Sabbath moniker without Ozzy, so they should've been on the site. Geezer played on some of them too, and Bill was on Born Again.
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