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Nasum -- Toronto, Ontario -- May 20th, 2012

Support: Brutal Truth, Burning Love, Homolka, Drop Dead (dropped off the tour)
Date: Sunday May 20th, 2012
Venue: the Annex Wreckroom in Toronto, Ontario

I've never really listened to Nasum but I figured a weekend show would be cool. I have Brutal Truths 'Sounds of the Animal Kingdom/ Kill Trend Suicide' album and enjoyed it.

I showed up just as Homolka were finishing up. They sounded pretty cool. Typical Death-grind. There guitarist had some brutal feedback coming from his guitar. I don't know if it was a blown amp head or if it was on purpose. I'm kinda thinking it was on purpose. It fit their sound well enough but got really annoying.

Burning Love were the odd band on the bill. They reminded me of He Is Legend or Everytime I Die, whatever style that is. Their set was ruined by the one got moshing (with himself) getting a bit too aggressive, stealing the singers mic and pretty much clearing a 20 foot radius in front of the stage. He was pretty creepy (he looked like that guy from the original These Hills Have Eyes) so no one wanted near him.

Brutal Truth were cool towards the beginning but after 45 minutes they got kinda tiresome. It was just a wall of noise. The guy who posted the Chicago date was right, watching the drummer was fucking hilarious. I only recognized one song from Sounds of the Animal Kingdom but I can't remember what it was called. And they played Godplayer towards the end of their set. They suffered from some sound issues for most of the set with the drums.

Set changes were short and Nasum was out after about twenty minutes. Like I said, I don't know any of their stuff but they destroyed it. Just insane to watch, and the small moshpit had to be one of the most violent I've ever seen. One guy attempted a crowd drive only to land on his head and have a huge splat of blood left where he landed. Another guy got a concussion within the first five songs. And that "Lurch" guy from earlier looked like he was having a heart attack. I'm pretty sure they played everything from the Chicago date but they added Fury and Deepest Hole. That's all I can remember. It was a blur, but a good blur. They played for 50-55 minutes. They did suffer from some sound issues too. Towards the beginning the bass player was having some problems (but I couldn't make out what) and the one guitarist with the long blond hair and the Flying-V was too low in the mix for the whole set.
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