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Originally Posted by Wizard in Black 666 View Post
To me...Agressive perfector will always be part of the Metal compilations/Haunting the Chapel era of Slayers career. I don't even get why they would re record this song for this albums release when the original is fine as it already is. Plus Toms high pitch girlie screams are way more epic on the 84' version of the release.

84' Haunting the Chapel Aggressive Perfector > 86' Reign in Blood Agressive Perfector

I would make a Haunting the Chapel Poll seeing as it is the Bands greatest work(IMO), but sadly 3-4 songs just won't cut it, plus i'll probably get shit for it.
I enjoy every version of that song, but yes, the old one definitely has more OOMPH to it. That bass diddle in the beginning is the shiznit.
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