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Originally Posted by Wizard in Black 666 View Post
That was an amazing review. I can't believe they played at Aladdin Jr!!! I can't even imagine how chaotic it got in that little tiny place. Tregh, I have also been to Aladin jr, I've only been there once but if i'm not mistaken Aladdin jr is that small little tiny venue that is upstairs while the food/sandwhich/diner area is down stairs, hell I wouln't even really call the upstairs room a "venue"..but if i'm correct, thats the venue you attended? And theres some diner/food section downstairs? i went to Aladdin Jr for a hip hop show last years, and one thing I remember is that it was really tiny as hell and very intimate. I'm just trying to mentally imagine all that chaos that went down in that tiny little fucker while you were there.
Thanks man. There are actually two of them. This is the one in downtown Pomona.
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