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That show was awesome! Mainly because of Destruction. I was actually a little disappointed with Warbringer. They opened with "Living Weapon" which was much slower than on the album. Luckily "Severed Reality" seemed much faster than on the album. I did enjoy their set, but I think I hyped it up too much and they honestly didn't impress me as much as I had hoped they would.

I stayed for half of a song of Vital Remains but quickly realized it wasn't my thing. I went outside to the patio and just rested before the mighty DESTRUCTION!

I can't put into words how fantastic Destruction was. They are the only band I've seen that even rivals Slayer. When I heard the intro for "Total Desaster" I lost it. That's my favourite Destruction song and it was completely brutal. I can't even believe how many old songs they played. I had seen the sets before, but somehow I forgot they were going to play "Tormentor" and "Eternal Ban". Playing 3/5ths of Sentence of Death and 4/8ths of Infernal Overkill was amazing for me, because those are my favourite releases of theirs. Their setlist was the same as the one in Montreal:

The Butcher Strikes Back
Total Desaster
Satan's Vengeance
Mad Butcher
Eternal Ban
Life Without Sense
Hate Is my Fuel
Days of Confusion (intro)
Thrash Till Death
Nailed to the Cross
Death Trap
Bestial Invasion


Curse the Gods
Invincible Force
5/21 - Alice Cooper
6/01 - Primal Fear (?)
6/04 - Untimely Demise
6/09 - Striker, Axxion, Manacle (?)
6/10 - Annihilator, Razor
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