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Steel Panther -- Baltimore, MD -- May 17th, 2012

Went to see Steel Panther at Ram's Head Live. It was a pretty packed show (Balcony opened). I think Buckcherry had a free live show outside, at Power Plant Live, so that may have affected attendance. First time for me seeing them.

James Durbin (that guy from American Idol I think) opened. He had a good voice, but shoulda played more covers IMO. We got there and then he started playing a Dio song \m/. He sang well, but I only like 2/4 songs we heard. And one of those was a DIO song. He could sing for Warrant or Dokken or something, man.

The crowd was pretty receptive (I didn't know they were this popular- why couldn't Warrant draw this crowd?) and there was a lot of singing along. Steel Panther looked and played the part, with their homage/parody perfectly executed. Their interactive banter was prevalent, filthy, offensive, and hilarious. I think this is the show I've laughed the most at. Ever. No real complaints except the late start time (10:45pm EST). Was a PITA getting up for work today.

At one point near the last few songs before the encore they brought on a bunch of chicks on the stage. There was def some flashing involved. It was also Micheal Starr's birthday, too.

The duet/cover at the end ...I was hoping for a Motley Crue song, especially because I'm kind of sick of Sweet Child/saw Slash a couple weeks ago and they played that then. That guy has some pipes, despite not having many good songs...IMO.


James Durbin
  • Rainbow in the Dark (DIO cover)
  • ? (Crawling something)
  • Higher than Heaven
  • Love in Ruins

Steel Panther
  • Intro
  • Supersonic Sex Machine
  • Tomorrow Night
  • Band Intros/Banter
  • Fat Girl
  • Asian Hooker
  • Just Like Tiger Woods
  • Gold Digging Whore
  • Guitar Solo
  • Turn Out The Lights
  • Community Property
  • Eyes Of A Panther
  • Weenie Ride
  • Party All Day
  • It Won’t Suck Itself
  • Death To All But Metal
  • -------------------------
  • Sweet Child o' Mine (GNR Cover w/ James Durbin)
  • 17 Girls In A Row
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