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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
Yeah, Llama Lom summed it up pretty well. Show was tits!

Decapitated were good, but they weren't amazing or anything, which was super disappointing since Nihility and Winds of Creation were two of the albums that got me into death metal. Not a lot of people were there anyway, since the show was supposed to start at 6 and they started playing before I even got there, which was around 5:45. Not a lot of pits either, but as soon as Spheres of Madness came on I jumped in and threw some people around until things got started.

Baroness were fucking awesome. Period. My only complaint is that I wish there were more heavy stuff thrown in. Ending with The Sweetest Curse -> Isak was fucking sweet. So good. They're stage presence was awesome, too: John is everything I expected and more. I also adored how they never really addressed the crowd until everything was over. The entire show was a single experience, a single song that never really ended, with feedback and jams happening in between each song to tie them together. The new shit sounded much better live than the first impression I got online. Hopefully they pull out some older stuff next time they come around promoting Yellow & Green. I love First and Second; anything from those would be incredible. There were some smaller pits going on here and there for 'em, but it wasn't until Isak that people started to open up and go crazy, me included. Also, they opened with the beginning feedback progression of Rays on Pinion, but went into A Horse Named Golgatha instead of the former song. I'd love to hear Rays->The Birthing->Isak live someday.

Meshuggah was... well, everything I had heard. Amazing. Just another unique level of heavy live, much more so than their recorded music can convey. Probably one of the few metal bands I would say need to be experienced live to truly appreciate. I was kind of back and forth on the new album, but as soon as Demiurge came on, I was changed. Demiurge was so, so, SO perfect as an opener. And the more the song went on, the heavier it became. And the heavier it became, the more the mosh opened up, until most of the floor was consumed. SO. MUCH. FUN. I lost my shit during Lethargica, some of the hardest moshing I've ever done. Unfortunately, after that song, I got a wave of light headedness and felt like I'd pass out, so I backed out, got some water, and watched the rest of the set from behind the pit. The only other nitpicks I had were to cut out I am Colossus (felt like a weird change of pace) and just end with Future Breed Machine. I think everyone gave their all for Breed Machine, then there wasn't a ton left over for Dancers.

Anyway, wish I could have had enough energy to mosh to Rational Gaze, Bleed, and Breed Machine... oh well. Someday! Oh, and I was about an inch away from getting in a fight with some fuckbag, but I won't go into that. Probably the most pissed off I've ever got at a show, but I wasn't gonna let it ruin Meshuggah/get me kicked out!
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